Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Flood in Bangalore

Continuous rains in the last 1 week has made life pathetic in Bangalore, particularly because of the flood not only with water, as well as uninterrupted traffic on the roads. Many of the houses around the low lying areas of the city are partially submerged in water, thanks to the road condition people are having tough time.

My house is located in a area which is almost like a cliff, hardly 1 mile from my house I could see the road go deep down, as though I'm looking down a valley. The houses there are beautiful to look at, but now the condition of the people is pathetic because of flooding. People say that some areas look more like lakes, what you say about the lakes in the city? They are overflowing !!

Take a look at couple of pictures taken around the city


TJ said...

Just thapichutein pola irukku..
BTW, not that most places look like lakes. They are lakes, which are grabbed by the land mafia in bangalore.

Saravana Kumar said...

yes tj ... land mafia is a big threat in bangalore to bangalore

Arjuna_Speaks said...

dude - did u see any girls with bikinis around :P

Saravana Kumar said...

Arjuna idhu enna cinemava ... vutta oru storye develop panneeruvai pola irukku

senthil natarajan said...

dei do take care da... how do you commute by the way? enna da idhu..? mother nature is really relentless now.
i think this year will go into the history books

mysorean said...


Take care.



Tamizhan said...

Dai! Your internet is working. What else do you need?

Saravana Kumar said...

fever we have cabs for commuting da ... so no probs going to office

hw ;) my internet is being put to extreme use

thanx adi

Fathima said...

Chennai was worser than this.

Adi said...

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